5 Reasons Why Canva is the Future of Digital Design

Since Canva’s initial launch in 2012, it has quickly become the dominant software used for visual communication and has completely changed the way people design things. 

Like it or not, and they’ve received their fair share of criticism, Canva is one of the most influential design platforms out there today, with over 75 million monthly users creating designs at an average of 150 per second. Futhermore, Canva is setting the pace in the world of visual communication, with 85% of the world’s largest companies using its platform.

Here are 3 reasons why Canva will continue to be the future of digital design.


Canva’s easy to use platform mastered the act of combining the best qualities of enterprise software with intuitive design tools. With zero effort, you can create assets for business and personal use such as book covers, social media graphics, business cards, invitations, videos, logos, and more. Rather than overwhelm users with a million buttons to choose from, Canva supplies you with the exact tools you need when you ready to start designing. Along with it’s intuitive user interface, Canva offers a massive library of ready to use templates that are sized for any social media platform you wish to design for. The platform is also super responsive, working equally as well on a phone, tablet, or any laptop.

Canva has completely broken down the doors to democratizing design and challenged the space once ruled by people experienced around the complexities of Adobe software. But don’t be mistaken, Canva isn’t out to replace designers, but only to give an opportunity for others to work alongside them.


Graphic design costs are a lot of times completely out of reach for many smaller companies and startups. This is why Canva is a great option for small enterprises, offering access to affordable innovative designs that the whole team can collaborate on.

Canva has 3 subscription levels: Free , Pro, and Enterprise. Here is a breakdown of each one below…

It’s worth noting, though Canva Free has a lot to offer, the Pro version will save you a lot of time, and if you’re using it professionally, time is money. Save yourself the headache and pay for the upgrade. Don’t be cheap.

Becoming a Force of Good

Canva is now one of the most valuable software companies out there, with an estimated value of $40 billion. This accomplishment has made it possible for Canva to implement it’s 2-Step Plan: 1. Become on of the most valuable companies in the world and 2. Do the most good it possibly can.

You might be asking, what good is Canva doing for the World in which we live in?

Let’s start with their %1 pledge, where Canva commits 1% of all profits, equity, its team’s time, and product towards supporting important humanitarian causes, without the cost impacting their users. In response to India’s Covid-19 crisis in 2021, Canva donated all media purchased on it’s platform directly to relief efforts for the country. Also in 2021, every print that was ordered on Canva, a tree was planted as part of their One Print One Tree Restoration Program. So far, 1 million trees have been planted worldwide. Most recently, Canva has made donations to more that 700 Ukrainian creators and contributors in order for them to support their community needs, considering the suffering currently being felt due to the relentless Russian invasion.

Canva has also taken on great responsibility in cultivating a a library of globally diverse, authentic, and representative content with the launch of its Diverse Creator Fund. The initiative provides $1 million in funding to directly support a global network of creatives to produce content that captures all distinctive cultures and their experiences. Their mission is clear - to build the most diverse library of digital content on the planet.


As the world becomes a more increasingly visual and digital place, Canva has truly taken the lead in being one of the most intuitive design software options to use today. It’s ridiculously affordable, and it's mission to do good is with company profits makes it one of most admirable and innovation companies ever to come about, and I believe Canva has only just begun.

Keep Creating.